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JAM BEING FORCED TO MOVE | Last Session August 13, 2022

After 10 incredible and memorable years, it is with heavy hearts that we announce Joining All Movement (JAM) is being forced to leave our current location in Reseda, CA. Despite surviving being closed for 16 months of Covid lockdowns, we have been informed that the owner of our building has sold it to a third-party and we must vacate the premises immediately. We have done everything in our power to try and avoid this situation, but unfortunately are being forced to find a new home for JAM.

In order to facilitate moving our equipment, we will be closing the doors after open gym on Saturday August 13, 2022!

We have been hard at work finalizing a new location during this unforeseen circumstance, the building is located less than 10 minutes away and the address will be announced ASAP!

All monthly members will have their accounts frozen momentarily until we reopen. We plan to resume Classes and Open Gyms within one week. As we move our equipment into the new building as well as get approval on zoning/use permits, we will be expanding certain training areas in stages.

As many of you know we just recently opened a JAM Atlanta on August 1, having poured our resources and time into this new location as we were not planning on moving our flagship studio. We never imagined this situation would arise, but we want to ensure the community that we will make this as smooth a transition as possible.

We appreciate each and every person that has walked through the doors at 18242 Sherman Way over the last decade, JAM would be nothing without each and every one of you that has ever taken a class, workshop, or attended an open gym. There are so many memories that we will cherish forever in that building, and await making many more in the next location.

We look forward to viewing this situation as a speed bump in the overall journey of JAM as a whole, and are motivated more than ever to get the doors back open so that we can continue to grow together in 2022 and beyond!

With Love and Endless Gratitude,


The #JAMCast is a weekly podcast hosted by Professional Stunt Coordinator Travis Wong, interviewing influential figures in the movement world. From world champion athletes to Hollywood stunt doubles, the aim is to provide a unique perspective into the minds of those so well known for using their bodies.




Travis Wong | @TheTravisWong






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